Hey Lindsay, I just wanted to say…

“Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or destructively using words of despair. Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble.”  Yehudi Berg


You’re here because someone told you that this was the place to SECRETLY post some words of encouragement for Lindsay Vandenhurk.

Some of us who have been deeply impacted by Lindsay, thought it would be fun to get a bunch of people to write out something that will let her know how we feel about the fact that this energetic, inspirational “soul-cracker” is in our lives. Maybe she’s your yogi, your boss or you’ve simply been inspired by something she’s said. Maybe she’s a member of your family, a friend or you knew her back when she was just a figure skating punk. No matter who you are or how you know her, you know that one person saying something encouraging to Lindsay, absolutely lights her up. Now, imagine the impact it will have on her when a whole bunch of us share our words of encouragement!

Everyone believes lies about themselves and Lindsay is no different. She comes across as a strong confident woman, but the reality is that it’s been a tough couple of years stepping out of “comfortable” and into the arena of uncertainty in order to make her dreams become reality. Along the way, even an inspiration like Lindsay can start to doubt her impact and purpose in the world. (Speaking of impact, check out this video of her very first speaking gig where she inspired a room full of women to be authentic and to dare greatly by facing their fears and getting into the arena!)

So… we want Lindsay to know how her life has impacted ours – TODAY! (BTW – why do we always wait to say nice stuff at people’s funerals?!) We want THIS birthday to be one that she never forgets. Not because it’s a special birthday, but just because SHE is special!

On April 25th (her birthday) she will be told about heylindsay.ca and from that day forward, the power of your words will forever work their magic in the life of someone we all care about.


“Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.” – Rumi

1/ Please help fan Lindsay’s flame! Scroll to the bottom and write a few encouraging words or share the impact she’s had on you. 
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2/ Please – Tell anyone you can think of about heylindsay.ca
3/ PLEASE – Keep this a secret until April 25th!



39 thoughts on “Hey Lindsay, I just wanted to say…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Lindsay, I just wanted to say how thankful I am that you are the one to introduce me to yoga. I was actually terrified of looking like a complete idiot when I first began classes at DYY but you helped me to realize that the only person who cared about how I looked was me – and my ego. Since meeting you, my ego has taken a beating because I’ve been practicing what you preach – compassionate non-judgemental self awareness.

    Also, thank you for your potty mouth! Believe it or not, that actually really helped me to lighten up and feel like I belong to a community of real people. Laughing in class has been almost as healing as the yoga.

    Finally, I just wanted to say how inspirational you’ve been to me. I won’t go into details here on this site but just know that there have been countless times that I’ve been able to push through life because of what I’ve learned from you.

    So thank you Lindsay. And Happy Birthday!!

  2. Jennifer Bascom says:

    Lindsay Vandenhurk, you are the person who gave me the gift of teaching yoga and it has changed my life more positively than almost anything else I can think of. I am the very best version of myself when I am teaching (especially in a yoga class, especially at Discover Your Yoga). I find it hard to believe that I would be teaching yoga if not for you. I like to think I would have found a way, and maybe I would have, but I know without a doubt that you are the one who supported my dream, trusted me, believed in me, and gave me the opportunity to do this magical thing I love so very much. Thank you for trusting your instincts, believing in me, loving me, and cheering me on. Thank you for acknowledging me for who I am. Thank you for the community you have created. Thank you for your beautiful perfection and imperfection. Thank you for swearing. Thank you for laughing. Thank you for working so relentlessly hard for your dream (you inspire the rest of us!). Thank you for letting me be your friend.
    Love and love and love forever and always,

  3. Devarshi Steven Hartman says:

    Lindsay, You are a bright light and an inspiration. Happy Happy Birthday. It has been an honor to be a part of your journey and to have our paths cross. You are joy. You are authentic. You are giving everything you have. You are a risk-taker. You are a leader. You are a yogini. You are an endless learner about life! I am so glad to know you and love you. Love, Devarshi

  4. Coby Kozlowski says:

    YAY!! it’s your birthday.
    i adore you!
    you are brilliant.
    you are beauty-full, thought-full, and heart-full.
    you are hilarious.
    you uplift.
    you inspire.
    you empower.
    thank you for the gifts you bring and the gift you are.
    happy birthday.
    may this year be filled with wonder-love- and belly laughs.
    and i really want to see your face SOON!
    <3 coby

  5. Ally Boothroyd says:

    Thank you. Thank you for being the incredible and thoughtful friend that you are. Thank you for being the perfect adventurous road trip buddy. The most fun Wanderlust partner. For encouraging me to do things and try things that I never would have without your companionship! Thank you for the cute letters and thoughtful snail mail. For the loving words and constant support. Thank you for teaching me so much and for your beautiful yoga classes. Thank you for supporting me in my dreams and aspirations. Thank you for the conversations, for listening, the sharing, for all the things we’ve talked it out about. Thank you for exploring the shadows of life with me, for being supportive always. Thank you for letting me come over and literally just nap on your couch. Lol, nap buddies. Thank you for your humour, you really are hilarious and so REAL. Your honesty is appreciated 🙂 Mostly thank you for your caring nature. I could not ask for a more amazing friend. You really are beautiful inside and out. You mean so much to me. I think I’m finished gushing now but really… I LOVE YOU so much! oxoxox Keep being the amazing person that you are. Beautiful things are coming your way, this I trust. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  6. Michael James Wong says:

    To my LV,

    Today is your birthday, a day not to different than any other day of the week, but a day worth taking the time to appreciate all that you are and the inspiration that you give to so many of us around the world.

    I think of you often, and fondly and remember always how warm your smile is, the delight of your vibrancy and the joy of your some what questionable jokes. As you day a step forward into a new year, know that nothing within you is different, you are still the same; bright, honest, strong and unapologetically woman that I love and adore.

    Don’t change this, the world needs more people with your fortitude.

    Today is a day to celebrate you, not what you’ve come through or endured, that no longer matters, not what may come next week or next year, because that too doesn’t matter, but you as you are right now in all it’s brilliance and how your when you read this you’ll smile and that’s all that matters.

    Until we cross paths ago, know that I’m always thinking of you, and always got your back.

    Not to mention Lynne is pretty cool, even when she steals and hides your yoga pants.


  7. Katie Brauer says:


    You are the brightest star. Talented, dedicated, FUNNY, action taker, risk slayer, gorgeous, incredible human, woman and friend. The universe is lucky to have you, as are all the people whose hearts you touch and lives you enhance. Love you to pieces and I’m so glad this platform has been created as a reminder for you to recognize and celebrate your brilliance.

    Sometimes life is a bitch and I promise my dear the highest highs are on the way. Celebrating you in all your glory and looking forward to the next time we are together (which I’m likely to pee my pants as usual in fits of laughter – I know for sure I can count on you to keep me in adult diapers!)

    Love you girl xo the best is yet to come.

  8. MC YOGI says:

    Hey Lindsay!

    Wishing you an awesome birthday filled with good vibes, gratitude for what was, the grace of what is and all the unseen blessings to come.

    much love

    keep practising



  9. Tori Poe says:

    To celebrate YOU in the beauty of spring,
    You bring joy, peace and a sacred place to ‘be’
    I rejoice your presence, your gifts, your giving
    May you receive my love and appreciation
    ________________________in celebration…..
    Birdsong – by Rilke, uncollected poems

    Birds begin their calls to praise
    And they are right. We stop and listen.
    (We, behind masks and in costumes!)
    What are they saying? A little report,

    a little sorrow and a lot of praise
    that chirps away at the half-locked future
    And in between we can hear the silence
    they break – now healing to our ears

  10. Danny Arguetty says:


    I was looking at the video of you speaking, what a light you are! So authentic, vulnerable, beautiful! So amazing all of the things you have accomplished and what you offer your community. This impact is real and extremely valuable.

    Please continue to believe in yourself and your power. The world needs empowered women like you who are holding space for deeper conversation and creating sacred sanctuaries where people can rediscover and reconnect to their core and essence.

    Big Hug!

  11. Jovinna says:

    Hey Lindsay,

    Thank God the day you were born! And a big thank you to your parents for their union to create an opening for your Incredible Soul to enter into this world.

    On this special day of yours, may every delightful moment be a reminder of the Brillance and Love you have brought to the world. And may your day be blessed with the outpouring well wishes of your family and friends. And may your Birth-day be a reminder of the great wonder and miracle of being who you are.

    Happy Birthday!!!! 生日快乐!!!
    Much love,

  12. Jackie Witte says:

    Hey lindsay!

    I just wanted to say Happy Birthday! I’m so glad we’ve become good friends over the years. I can honestly say that each party we have hosted has always been more fun and energetic when you’re in attendance. You bring such a bright positive vibe with you wherever you go. I love that you’re always up for trying something new and joining me in my fun and silly games even when no one else wants to! You’re never afraid to laugh at your own quirks and I think that’s a true sign of confidence. I have always admired your perseverance to follow your passion and starting your own business to do what you love. You’re an amazing teacher, a great friend and truly an awesome gal. Hope you have an amazing birthday!!! Xoxo

  13. Carol-Anne Fisher says:

    Wishing you the most amazing Birthday and sending you lots of love and hugs💕 Thank you for inspiring, caring, guiding, encouraging and a million other things you do so naturally for all of us who cross your path and have the privilege of connecting with you. Thank you for creating the beautiful space that nurtures us and helps us to become the best we can be on and off our matts💕 Enjoy your day🍷🍺🎉😘

  14. Alex Kiru says:

    happy birthday Lindsay !! Thank you for sharing your gift with me and for giving me the opportunity to share that same passion with others in the beautiful, successful and enjoyable community in which you created. Your dedication and strength are admirable. Thank you for always being honest. And thank you for always listening. I hope you have the best birthday filled with laughter, friends and great wine. Wishing you a year as beautiful as you are. Xo

  15. Nathanael says:

    Hey Lindsay,

    I want to wish you a fantastic birthday. Though it’s been quite a few years since your time in Taiwan, I still do have a lot of fond memories working with you.
    Your high energy, enthusiasm, and wonderful smile are missed for sure!
    All the best on this special day!

  16. Liesa van den Hurk says:


    It has been amazing watching you grow into the woman you are today. Not just from my “Aunt” perspective either. I’m happy that you take the journeys you go on and continue to take the path less travelled. Be the best you can be.

    With lots of love,

  17. Raffaela Vandenhurk says:

    You’re beautiful, talented, inspirational. I’m sure you have touched so many lives in a positive way that their energy will bring you happiness always. Have a wonderful birthday! Cheers!

  18. Jessie says:

    Hey Lindsay!

    You are…


    These are just a few of a long list of qualities that make up your wonderful and extraordinary self. I am grateful you are in my life and feel blessed to call you a friend and role model for my daughter.

    I love you lots and lots. Happy Birthday beautiful soul.


  19. Mary Kruger says:

    Lindsay: Let me begin by saying that yoga saved my life in more ways than one. When i joined Discover Your Yoga I, like many other people were awestruck at your beauty! I don’t think i have ever come across anyone so beautiful as you. I felt intimidated by how graceful and lovely you really are. But you have shown myself and others that we are all beautiful and that yoga is so much more than just the pose or how you look doing the pose. The way you can change the energy in a whole room full of people is amazing! Your Kripalu classes are by far the best classes at DYY – your voice can calm even the most troubled soul! Then i went on the retreat with you last year and again i saw just how very human you are, like us, with flaws and troubles. It was such a good weekend and you made it very special. We come to your classes to feel renewed and centered and calm. We leave your classes feeling ready to take on the world. This is due to your unique style of yoga and your lovely voice and prescence in the room. Watching you gracefully do the poses is lovely. You could bottle up your voice when you read poetry to us and make millions. I LOVE your fighting spirit, your kindnesses shown to every person that comes through that door. Now that i am doing the energy exchange at DYY, i have gotten to know you better and just wanted to say that you are a beautiful woman on the inside and outside and keep on shining your light – it could light up the darkest world! Happy Birthday Lindsay – wishing you a wonderful year ahead!

  20. Brenda says:

    Hey girl
    Have a great birthday! We miss you ! We will be back full force once we move closer!! Can’t wait !!peace and love from Vito and Brenda

  21. Jim Bale says:

    Hey Lindsay!!!
    One ginormous Birthday full body hug,…just wrap your arms around your computer screen to feel the love. I am so lucky to have you as my friend. You’re always fun to hang with or to share an adventure with and I just love you to bits! Have an awesome day, laugh your ass off and do something fun. I’ll raise a glass in your honor ( pffft, like I need another excuse).
    See you soon
    lotsa love

  22. Rachelle says:

    Okay this is some corny sh!t coming your way….
    So this young, shiney, cool, gorgeous yoga teacher is on the schedule where I also teach and is humble enough to say she appreciates my teaching…then this just out of her tweens yoga teacher opens her own studio!! To say I’m encouraged and motivated by you Lindsay is just the tip of the iceberg. You are so candid, calm, spastic, quirky, imaginative and competent. Thank you for being a light in the world who would also be the best road trip partner to some drinking festival. Happy Birthday Lindsay, you are loved.

  23. Benjamin Lloyd says:

    Happy birthday Lindsay!
    I hope you have a great birthday.
    I love you very much and I am glad you are my cousin.


  24. Mackenzie Lloyd says:

    Happy birthday to the best cousin in the world… shhhh, don’t tell Brian!
    I love you.


  25. Shane Lloyd says:

    A birthday wish, a card, a quick call will mark the day. But none of this compares to the impact you bring me and my family the entire year. Your tenacity, your spirit, and your love are values to strive for. Throughout the year as we watch your adventures unfold, I’m left with the hope that my daughter captures your same spirit along her life path! I am very proud of you.

    Happy Birthday!
    Love from Uncle Shane

  26. Brian Vandenhurk says:

    Happy birthday Linds!! I’m proud of you. We’ve both had our ups and downs and we’ve always come out on top with great strength. I take comfort in knowing that we will always have each others backs. No matter what. I am honoured to have you be such an important part of my life and thankful for having you stand for me in ways that no one else has. And thanks to your awesomeness we are where we are today. I love you as a sister and even more now as a friend. Even though you’ll always be my little sister I want you to know that I look up to you in so many ways. Thank you for being you. – – – Brian – – – xo

  27. Scarlett says:

    Without knowing it, you have been a source of healing for me. I was new to yoga and struggling with some personal issues and your Kripalu class became my release. I cant count how many times I have cried through your class (thankfully they were evening classes and the lights were dimmed) 🙂 Those classes are my therapy and my safe place and have got me through a lot of very dark days. You are an incredibly gifted woman and a source of light in this world.
    Thank you for being you!
    Happy Birthday! Xo

  28. Julie and Brian says:

    Hi Lindsay aka Trouble 💖💖💖💖💖
    Brian and I have known you since you were a little girl and loved you since. You have always been sweet and bubbly and a joy to be around. We have seen you grow into a beautiful young lady who goes after her dreams, works incredibly hard and deserves the very best in life. Keep at it Linds…….Hope you had a wonderful birthday 🎂🎂 Love you kiddo…

  29. Christina says:

    Happy birthday Lindsay!!
    Your are an amazing person and I am so happy and lucky to call you my best friend! You get me like no one else and I like to think that works both ways ha! You are thoughtful, driven, caring, sarcastic, hilarious, courageous, empowering and inspiring….just to name a few but I could on. I love our get togethers, even though they don’t happen as much as we’d like them to. We must really annoy the hell out of the lucky son of a bitch who gets to serve out table!
    I hope today is one of your best birthdays ever. You deserve nothing but the best my dear! It’s only up from here right?! 32 is going to be a great year!
    I love everything about you. Please don’t ever change!
    Love always, Christina

  30. Lynne and Henry says:

    Hey Linds,

    You have been a bundle of energy and joy since the day you were born.
    We love you and admire your strength and determination and we know that you will be successful no matter what life throws at you. Sorry we are away for your actual birthday but we will see you on the weekend!

    Love always Mum and Dad xxxxoooo

  31. Lynda Neumann says:

    Hey Lindsay…
    Little did I know how my life would change the day you walked into Laurelwoods a few years back. Little did I know, how pivotal you would be in my life both in the transformation and the healing. So much has happened, so many changes for myself and my children. All the way through you have been there. I am grateful everyday for the practice of yoga and even more so for your friendship and the lovely community that you, my dear Lindsay, have created.
    You have impacted not only my life but equally importantly for me, you have impacted the lives of my children. In you Lindsay, they have found a friend and lovely mentor. I will never forget what you have done for Max in particular, but in reality all four of them. Our family yoga classes have become a tradition and something that they all look forward to because of you. They are also kind of impressed that their mother has such a cool, young friend!
    I count you among my dearest friends. I always look forward to seeing you and listening to your raw, honest, loving words and thoughts both on the mat and off.
    Hey Lindsay…you mean the world to me!
    Lots of love and a lifetime of big hugs! Happy birthday!
    your “not-so-cool”, older friend Lynda

  32. Rachel MacKay says:

    First of all the blooper reel is amazing – love it and you.
    When I first contacted you to do energy exchange at the studio, I was asking for more than to just work at your studio for free yoga. I was searching for community and connection and I’ve gotten all that and soo much more, thanks to YOU! I’ve become a better yoga teacher since teaching at DYY because I love the teachers, students, studio and you so much! Thank you for welcoming me into the community, for inspiring me to be better and for everything you do. XXOO

  33. Blair says:

    Hey Lindsay!

    I hope you have a great day! It has been a long time since I’ve seen you and hope life is treating you well.
    If I’m ever down in the Orangeville area I’ll be sure to check out the studio.

  34. Andrew and Lynda says:

    To a great lady and an inspirational teacher, mentor and generally all round ‘good egg’ (although admittedly a little cracked at times!) Lynda and I wish you a very Happy Birthday!!!!
    There aren’t many people who can stay as focused, determined and committed to life’s path and as always, being the old soul that you are, you have succeeded with great commitment and at times renewed effort in the face of great adversity.
    It’s the stuff of champions, very rare as a quality and you got it kiddo.
    You are a true beacon of positivity, a wry wit and an inspired role model to everyone you meet.
    For me, you are sort of framed in time, popping up at moments in my own life, often in times of sadness to inspire or guide me through something with a wisdom rarely seen but cherished none the less.
    I always remember, many moons ago, back in 1996 when we journeyed up north and I helped you with your homework.
    We came up with a story about the Titanic, intrigue and stow sways as the rain fell in sheets outside. My Dad was over, holidaying from Scotland and later on you played table tennis and the piano with him, but I’m not sure in which order? (or perhaps it was at the same time?).
    I remember being very impressed by your creativity as you worked out the Titanic plot of your story with determination and creativity. I asked you why it was so interesting to you and you said ” that you wanted to tell a good story that made people smile”.
    Well, many will tell you that you succeeded admirably and you continue to do so.
    You never stopped working out your own story with determination, creativity and a passion for life and a commitment focussed on the care of the people around you.
    Have a great day and here’s to many more to come my dear!!!
    Shine Bright!!!
    PS: I don’t want to ruin all this emotional inspirational stuff that I’m writing for you but I have to tell you that your 1996 Titanic story was made into a huge movie that earned millions of dollars and personally, I think you should take legal action.

  35. Roxanne mountain says:

    Happy birthday Lindsay wishing you many years ahead, filled with love,health,strength and an abundance of positive energy to further you lifelong dreams and aspirations.
    Love Roxanne

  36. Jennifer Snelgrove says:


    You and all your time and thoughtful effort in DYY have improved my life immensely and have helped me learn to focus on what’s really important in life. I’m saddened that I could not be there and experience your friendship and classes over the recent months, but look forward to returning as soon as I am able.


  37. Liz says:

    Lindsay is truly a person who is doing exactly what she is meant for. Every person who has the opportunity to spend time with her is drawn to her. She is such a force. She is magical to watch when she is teaching yoga and lovely to talk to when you have conversations with her. She inspires, educates and opens people’s hearts and minds. She is real, sincere and wise. I feel lucky that Lindsay came into my life. She has given me so much (she probably has no idea how or what) but without her I would truly not be where I am today. Keep doing what you’re doing Lindsay; you touch so many people’s lives and we are grateful for you. xx

  38. Akhil says:

    Hey Lindsay! What can I say besides how blessed I am to know someone like you. When I first met you during our days working Centre Ice at the Brampton Centre for Sports and Entertainment (it will never be Powerade Centre!) I thought you were such a unique and awesome person and boy was I right! Your passion for yoga, life, family and friends is so refreshing that I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was jealous! I don’t think there are enough words in this world to describe how awesome you are and how lucky people are to know you and to have you in their lives. Thanks for all that you do and I wish you nothing but the best and know that one day you will make such a difference in the world…more so than you already have. See you soon my friend.

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